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Fred Loves Ginger is a slow fashion jewellery brand specialising in handcrafted woven and beaded jewellery. Our pieces are created in Ireland with precious metals, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and hand-dyed silk threads.

We believe that good things come to those who wait a little longer! Fast, disposable fashion has a devastating impact on people, animals and the environment - from poverty wages to pollution, around the world we are paying a price for the desire for ever-changing trends at a low cost to the consumer.


At Fred Loves Ginger our aim is to bring you unique ethically-made, limited edition jewellery at an affordable price. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted using high quality materials and sent to you in recycled & completely biodegradable packaging. Nearly all our designs are customisable with a choice of semi-precious stones or coloured silk. Everything is hand-made to order and so you may have to wait several days for your jewellery to be despatched.


We also offer a bespoke service for special event and bridal party jewellery.


Self-taught jeweller and founder, Lynda Thompson-Spack, has a passion for creating beautiful things.

"I've crafted for as long as I can remember but first became interested in designing jewellery after taking a beading class at the London Jewellery School. I became fascinated by different beading and weaving techniques and began to study these in my own time. After moving to France, I had the space & time to hone my skills & develop a collection of beaded and woven jewellery. It was there that Fred Loves Ginger was born. The brand name was suggested by my husband Frédéric, initially as a joke - I'm a born red-head and at some point was a professional dancer - but the name just seemed to fit and so here we are!


"Now my brand is run from my studio in my hometown, Belfast. I love the process of building a piece from one tiny bead - it's a slow process that is quite meditative.

"Northern Ireland is a very beautiful and and imaginative place, full of music, art, theatre and filmmaking. I love to be surrounded by creative people from all disciplines and I'm inspired by the colours and vibrancy of my environment."

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