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Jewellery Care

Every piece of Fred Loves Ginger jewellery is handcrafted with care using high quality materials. Due to the nature of beading and weaving, our designs are not as robust as solid pieces of metal, therefore particular care should be taken in order for you to be able to enjoy your jewellery for years to come.

We offer a 5-year warranty on all our jewellery and if a piece breaks (under normal conditions of wear & tear) we will repair it free of charge.

Our Care Advice

put your jewellery on last, after moisturiser, make-up and fragrances

avoid wearing in chlorinated water or in the shower and exposing to excessive heat/cold, sunlight or chemicals. If your jewellery comes into contact with any chemical or sweat, we advise that you rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry naturally

store in a lined jewellery box, ensuring it doesn't rub against other pieces

due to the tiny curved surfaces of the beads in our pieces, when it comes to tarnish, prevention is better than cure. We advise that you clean the piece regularly with a soft silver polishing cloth. If you wear the piece infrequently you should store it in an air-tight zip lock bag containing the anti-tarnish tab that comes with your purchase.

when cleaning pieces containing silk be careful to avoid rubbing cords with tarnish cloths.

over time your jewellery will naturally pick up dust, skin particles etc. You may soak them in tepid, mild soapy water then rinse thoroughly and dry at room temperature.

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